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1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST – All Things O'Natural

1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST

1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST Loading...
  • 1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST
  • 1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST
  • 1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST
  • 1oz Rose + Hibiscus TONER MIST

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WHAT IT IS: (ADJ) An amazingly reparative, balancing and seductively aromatic skin toner enhanced with floral waters and beneficial oils.

*For all skin types

HOW TO ENJOY: Shake Well.

As a Toner: After cleansing and enjoying your facial scrub, mist over skin. While skin is still damp, follow up with our facial serum and press into skin.

As a primer: Mist a few sprays onto skin to moisten, massage our Cacao Clay Cleanse, Rajati Enzyme Mask or Kijani Enzyme Mask into skin and enjoy the nourishing benefits of the mask. 

 *May be used as a refreshing mist from head to toe

 Gluten Free + Vegan


*Coconut Water, *Rose Hydrosol, *Witch Hazel Extract, *Hibiscus Flowers, *Avocado Oil *Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract, *Evening Primrose, *Jojoba, *Tamanu Oil, *Argan Oil, *Sea Buckthorn, *Supercritical Chia Seed Oil, *Hempseed Oil, *Carrot Seed Oil, *Rosemary CO2 Extract, *Calendula Extract, Non-GMO Vitamin E, potassium sorbate, willow bark extract,

Essential Oils of: *Geranium, *Myrrh, *Bergamot, *Lavender

* = Certified Organic

Complete Facial Protocol Regimen

STEP 1: CLEANSE: Cacao Clay Cleanse or Calendula Makeup Remover

STEP 2: EXFOLIATE: Oats Scrub Grains (weekly, twice-weekly at the most)

STEP 3: STEAM: Herbal Steam

STEP 4: MASK: Cacao Clay Cleanse, Oats Scrub Grains or our Rajati or Kijani Enzyme Mask

STEP 5: TONE: Rose+Hibiscus Toner Mist

STEP 6: SEAL: Rosehip Facial Serum

**Due to the nature of hibuscus leaves, the color may vary with each batch.



Coconut Water: Excellent for instantly rehydrating the skin and providing a new glow.

Rose Hydrosol:  anti-bacterial, anti-aging, tones, balances skin pH level, anti-inflammatory, calms, protects from sun damage and other skin irritants

Witch Hazel Extract: anti-inflammatory, astringent, tones, minimizes pores, reduces puffiness

Geranium: The strong properties of Geranium Essential Oil prevent bacteria from developing on sores and keeps you safe from developing infections. This boost to the immune system allows the body’s defensive cells to focus on the internal challenges and dangers, rather than being weakened by peripheral toxins on the skin.

**Expiration: 8 months from date of opening. Refrigeration aids in longer shelf life


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