Whew, it's been such a ride navigating life with our current pandemic happening. First, I want to wish everyone safety and great health. I hope your families and friends are safe and finding some peace in the midst of this situation. 

So we have some updates that have effected product containers and some of our raw ingredients. Due to a shortage of many raw ingredients that we use for our products, there is a beautiful light at the end of this tunnel. Many of you will receive your products and notice a slight change in appearance. The products will have a rich light mustard hue due to one of our most precious raw ingredients, our unrefined shea butter. Due to the scarcity and expense to get true yellow shea butter, we normally use the unrefined white shea butter. True yellow shea butter gets its beautiful light mustard color from using the bark of the Borututu Tree during the milling process. The smell should be the exact same, nutty clay-like and the texture should be extremely smooth and melt instantly. It holds the same benefits as the unrefined white, just more expensive due to the additional step in the milling process. Our supplier, who ran lower on stock than we needed on for our traditional unrefined white, graciously sent the unrefined yellow at the same price so that we did not have to raise our prices in our products (the beauty of a years-long good business relationship). So, we will be using this until we run out and then return to our traditional unrefined white.

Current Product Look

Our next update is regarding the difficulty that our vendors (some of the largest glass bottle resources) are having obtaining and maintaining stock of our normal 8oz Amber Glass Bottles. We had a few vendors with a few bottles, however, the price was 3x as much and we didn't want that to affect our pricing. Because of this, we are filling 8oz Clear Glass Bottles with our products for our 8oz sizes until we can secure more bottles. We will also continue accepting orders, in limited stock as long as we can secure bottles and high-quality raw ingredients. Take a look below at our packaging update (please note: our 8oz Amber bottle inventory is pretty much depleted, so you will receive more of the products in 8oz sizes in the clear glass bottles)

Packaging Update: 

Thank You!

I must say, we have the best customers as you all have been wonderfully supportive and totally compassionate and understanding regarding the updates. For any further updates, please view our Instagram story highlight for more pics and as always. Again, wishing you all peace, comfort and great health.

Restock Friday! Don't forget, we restock each Friday at 10 AM EST. Due to the extremely high demand, we typically sell out of many hair care items by the weekend's end. Should we sell out, please feel free to support our Stockist or rest assured that we will be stocked once again the following Friday. As per the information in the Covid 19 update photo, we are now shipping two days per week, those days are Tuesdays and Fridays after the 3-5 processing time (usually sooner). Again, wishing you all peace, comfort and great health. And for anyone who has been affected, our family will be praying for your restoration and health.