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Our Story – All Things O'Natural

Our Story


 A Family That Mix Together...Sticks Together!

Welcome to Bohemian Love..





One of the benefits of growing with a business is the firm desire to incorporate positive inspiration into our vision and brand. Positivity is written all over the essence of who we are as husband and wife, as parents and as the creative team behind our brand, All Things O'Natural and our Natty Naturals and Bohemian Collection products.




I'm Dominique, my husband is Syeed, and we are the Harris Family. Two groovy souls of the 70's, exactly 3 days apart in age, with a passion for all things Holistically artistic. 

I began All Things O'Natural with a hopeful vision of 'what if'..What if we lived in a world where we went back to the basics of appreciating nature? A world where we appreciate all the natural goodness that are beneficial to our 'whole self'. Finding beauty and peace in the simplest ingredients found, many times, in our own backyards. My goal was to bring those 'what ifs' of back to the basics of nature and placing them inside of a beautifully packaged bottle or jar, and sharing them with the world. 

What sparked my interest into all things natural and holistic was an episode that happened when my 18 year old, then 2, suffered from a severe scalp infection called Kerion. After getting the run around from the ole docs and after them telling me that his hair would never grow back, I decided to research and research and research to find a natural cure for his ailment. Much to my success, well actually a blessing, I gained knowledge of a concoction of butters, herbs and extracts to help his little inflamed scalp. Something had to give as it was so itchy and painful that he would sleep on his little hands to avoid his scalp touching the pillow or mattress for fear of the pain and discomfort. So, for 2 months, I applied the herbal concoction to his head, twice per day, in addition to giving him the immune boosting echinacea extract to help strengthen his insides and voila, healed. I then went through every cabinet, read every ingredient and researched and researched those ingredients and the harm they can cause our bodies in the long run and threw almost everything out and replaced our pantry, medicine cabinet and linen closet with products that contained healthy ingredients. Oh, and, not only did his hair grow back, it grew into a beautiful healthy thick mane. It stayed this way until at 5 years old, he asked if he could get a 'big boy' hair cut...go Figure!

Meet Christian..

a very laid back bright handsome kid who loves to draw. 




During the recession, my husband and I were both layed off and Pregnant with our 3rd child on the way, we had some serious decisions to make. So, my husband and I made the decision to move our family of 4, almost 5, to my mom and step dad's home in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. As soon as we arrived, 8 months pregnant with our 3rd child, I was called in to the hospital as the next of kin for my father who was dying of prostate cancer. Very emotional time.
While my husband was banging out hours upon hours as a new GM of a restaurant in Chattanooga and attending college, I was homeschooling 2 of our children as well as one of my cousin's children, caring for a newborn, and constantly studying for hours and hours on the benefits of healthy ingredients and how important it was to be mindful of what we put in and on our bodies. After researching ingredients, I made my first batch of hair and skin butter for me and my family in the kitchen of my mom's home shared by 8 people. That butter became loved by friends and family and even some of the co-workers at my husband's job. What started out as something for my family, was the beginning of a love affair with a business called All Things O'Natural LLC. Since the beginning, I was passionate about my butter, which my husband called 'Natty Butter'..short for Natural Butter, and so were my customers. I would spend hours sharing information with my followers on social media sites, educating them on the awareness of ingredients and being mindful of what we put on our hair and skin. Natty Butter was a great hit and people were truly digging it. I was so proud of being a first time 'Mixtress' and over joyed at the response of my whipped goodness.




As All Things O'Natural was taking off as a business in March 2011 and our Natty Butter was becoming the rave, our customers began demanding a wife for our butter. So, after another year of striving to master a conditioner to partner with our butter..and after flop, after flop, a few broken immersion blenders later and after days of tears and frustration, I screamed when I mastered our next product to our Natty line, our Natty Moist conditioner. Our business was definitely progressing ahead. Our company was honored an Empowerment Award via Mhe Magazine in 2012, featured in Naturally Happy Hair Magazine (Spring, Fall and Winter Editions 2013), named as 9 Incedible Black Owned Natural Hair Businesses by BGLH, voted Top Instagram sites via Essence Magazine Online 2012 and featured in Parent's Magazine April 2016


The mixing didn't stop here, as we have since expanded our line to include an entire healthy hair regimen of natural goodies: A Shampoo and African Black Soap Bar,  A Deep Conditioner, An ACV Mist, a leave in Conditioner, a Butter and a Styling Cream. Since we are a family with diverse hair textures, our goal was to focus on creating a line of products that included healthy butters, exotic oils, Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils. Products free of mineral oil, petroleum, phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol and other harsh ingredients. Products that can be used on diverse hair types of all ethnicities and all ages as many of our customers are.



Another major focus of All Things O'Natural is the power of education and awareness. My husband and I dedicate much of our time sharing information about healthy eating, beneficial ingredients, healthy marriage,  healthy parenting and holistic living overall. We strive to encourage positive and beneficial impacts on the 'whole 'self with the least negative impact on the earth.



What we've learned....Growing a business takes patience, dedication, love and definitely hard work. I'm so extremely grateful for a husband who left the restaurant business to focus full time on supporting and growing our vision. Incorporating his knowledge of management of 10+ years, truly helped to bring needed organization. He is also the head Artisan of our Natty Butter and exudes pride in crafting each batch by hand, one natural ingredient at a time. Team Natty to the core, he refuses to use any other products besides our Natty Natural goodies on his gorgeous healthy hair. 



Truly one of the inspirations behind our business. The importance of not only what we put in and on our bodies, but more importantly, what we put in and on their little bodies. 


Twelve years into the micro business world and we have learned so much about ourselves, our family and about, well, business. We love constantly learning and constantly helping others find their inner 'natural'. We have a ways to go and are enjoying every single dip, mix and whip. And we especially LOVE the genuine love constantly shown to us by our customers, many of who have been consistently supporting our business since 2011. What a great feeling, and working with my husband is superb...I'm finally understanding what true partnership looks like. 





Natty Naturals was born out of a focus on hair care. Our newest apothecary line, The Bohemian Collection, was born out of a focus on an overall holistic lifestyle, from head to toe.  It features the highest quality plant based ingredients, eco friendly minimalist packaging in beautiful recyclable glass containers.

All of our formulas are born from the originality of our minds and are tested on real people such as ourselves, 4 little ones, family and friends.

Our products are inspired from our own formulations of natural and organic herbs, botanicals, oils and butters, handcrafted in mini batches in our boutique studio then poured or scooped in beautiful recyclable containers. The beauty of Natty Naturals and our Bohemian Collection is that our products are for all hair types, ethnicities, skin types and those who have an appreciation for quality plant based ingredients. 

We also believe in the power of energy of the hands, hence the importance in the value of handcrafting. Each product is made with love and care and made when the energy and vibes are good and positive.

We understand the importance of what we put in and on our bodies and that our bodies have the capability of quickly absorbing. With that in mind, we source high quality, raw ingredients that the earth has to offer.

Positive energy comes in the form of actually enjoying your bathing and grooming rituals, which is optimum in keeping ourselves healthy. We believe the more natural and healthier the product, the more capable we are to actually enjoy the process.

Our designs, packaging and photography is created and crafted by two Groovy Souls better known as 'Mom' Dominique and 'Pop' Syeed.. oh, and our little ones have much say in the process as well. We are your official 'Mom and Pop' brand.

Our Boho Goodies are crafted with:

* Natural and Organic Ingredients

* High quality essential oils

* Plant based Cold pressed oils

*Recyclable and Reusable Apothecary Glass Bottles

* Lots and lots of Bohemian Love


So, sit back and enjoy the luxury of Natty Naturals and The Bohemian Collection; Healthy, safe ingredients, beneficial for the entire family. Life is much too short to worry about healthy ingredients, and at All Things O' Natural, we understand that.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our story. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy crafting them. Now, shop away, friends, and don't forget to join our Natty Rewards program, where you earn points while shopping.

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