'Being mindful of what we eat, what we drink, what we value, all play a part in how we live. We are more than a handcrafted apothecary and green beauty brand, we are a community..we are a vision..we are a lifestyle'  - Dominique


Our products are kissed with wonderful organic, raw, expeller/cold pressed and unrefined oils. The beauty of this is that you can smell the powerful essence in our products due to the unrefined nature and this greatly affects the color of our products as raw oils have beautiful rich colors and textures. When oils are refined, they lose much of their antioxidant properties and nutritional benefits. Many commercial companies may use highly refined oils to remove the natural scent from the oils, but this greatly affects the power and integrity of the oil. Another negative, is that refined oils give off a chemical residue that is left on our skin.



Just as plant based carrier oils are not created equal, essential oils are not created equal. In order for our products to have the best results, we love using organic, cold pressed and wildcrafted essential oils as well as their various forms of absolutes and total extracts Their power is much more potent and the last thing we want you to worry about are harmful pesticides and chemicals. Many of our products are scented with essential oils rather than fragrance oils to not only affect the senses but also serve a purpose




Like our essential and carrier oils, our botanicals and herbs are grown organically as well as collected how they naturally grow in the wild (wildcrafted). We believe that botanicals and herbs hold extremely beneficial minerals and nutrients that are infused into our bodies when we use them as herbal steams or enjoy in an herbal bath. Because much of our foods are depleted of vital minerals and nutrients, it's imperative that we absorb them through our skin and the way that we've handcrafted our products, each experience can benefit from that. 



The beauty of our Bohemian Collection is that we substitute water with Aloe Vera and Hydrosols. Hydrosols are living bio-active nutrients for your skin. They are achieved during the distillation process of essential oils by capturing rain water and distilled through fresh plant matter. Each hydrosol that we use is organic so that each product is infused with the best essence possible. 



The beauty of our salts and sugars is that we believe in each worker being paid a fair wage for their hard work. This is why we strive to only use organic 'Fair Trade' high quality salts and sugars.  Because so much energy passes through the hands, we feel that when workers are in a healthy fair environment, the energy is more positive and that positive electricity passes from the crafter into the product.