Greetings, Ladies and Gents!! I pray all is well..
Ok, here is an awesome DIY project that's under $8. My inspiration for these was my longing to have some wall art lighting, but to incorporate true sconces would entail electrical wiring and the Frugal Frieda in me put my mind into action as to how to achieve the look I wanted for little money. So, I finally thought of an awesome way to get what I wanted using basic items I had around the house. Stay tuned below for the details.



Paper Towel and Toilet Paper rolls. This will give the varying sizes I used to create the art.

I had these spray paint colors on hand and to achieve the metal look I wanted, I layered all three.
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Metallic Gold
  • Gloss Black
  • A hot glue gun will also be handy for securing the pieces.
  • To adhere the sconce to the wall, I used adhesive dots.


  • I layered the colors first beginning with the base color of the Blue Lagoon, then the metallic gold, then the black to give it a rusted metal look.
  • Once the rolls are dry, I placed the rolls in the manner I wanted the design and used my hot glue gun to secure the pieces together. Be sure to layer your rolls at varying heights to create the layered look. I loved the finished look!! They actually turned out better than expected and look O'Mazing on the wall.. So, go, my fellow DIY artists, create beautiful art.