Greetings, Everyone!! I pray all is well with you. 
Ah, the daunting task of grooming our little ones!! Actually, I have found the task, not so daunting. What works for me is the 'keep it simple' rule. I keep products simple and grooming time simple..I just do not have the time on my hands to take loads of time doing hair. I do get the question, 'do I use different products on our little ones than I do for myself?' The only do I use the exact same products, my husband and other 3 children use the same products..again, we live by the 'keep it simple rule'. So, here is my step by step on remoisturizing and refreshing my little one's hair in 3 Steps. As always, I hope this helps.


This is an extremely important step in ensuring the health of hair. I begin by placing her hair into 4 sections. Working one section at a time, I spray our Natty ACV Hair & Scalp Mist onto her hair until damp. Work the moisture in thoroughly making sure to cost each strand. Gently finger detangle. Using the mist is the quickest way for me to hydrate and detangle her hair. It also helps to keep her hair and scalp ph balanced as well as protect the scalp from dirt, debris, fungi and other contaminants due to the ingredients. 

Step 2: SEAL. 

Once her hair is hydrated, I apply our Natty Butter to lock in the moisture and give her hair a nice sheen. I rub the butter into my hands to melt instantly, then apply to her hair. I make sure to hydrate and seal her ends and edges. I apply a heavier amount of butter to her ends to keep them healthy. Always keep in mind..Butters, Oils and pomades are known as 'SEALANTS'. Due to the fact that they do not contain moisturizing properties of water, they do not act as moisturizers. Applying the items to un-moisturized hair will give you greasy, not moisturized hair, which leads to further dryness. Moisturize FIRST, then apply your butter, oil or pomade to SEAL in the moisture SECOND.

Step 3: STYLE. 

I normally place her hair in plaits then bun it up to keep her ends protected. I never make the plaits too tight or place extreme tension on her hair, which can lead to breakage and thinning. I usually don't have to remoisturize for 3-4 days sometimes longer... Of course, each child is different, so please take note of how often you may need to remoisturize your child's hair. 
Key Notes: In terms of dryness, just like with our own hair, there are many factors that can aid in dryness, such as: improper diet, lack of water intake, stress, harsh ingredients in products, harsh combing and brushing, product buildup, dead ends, not properly moisturizing (see Step 2 again). Be sure to see what products and techniques may be the cause of your little one's hair issues then take action. Hope this helps.

Naomi's Refreshed Hair