Greetings Everyone, one of the keys to healthy thriving hair is a healthy atmosphere for our scalp. Here are some tips that have been helpful in keeping my scalp, my husband's scalp and our children's scalp healthy, all with varying hair types. 


1.) Keep the scalp clean and buildup free. A good clarifying cleanse is great bi weekly or monthly if you use all natural products. Clarifying cleansers help remove product buildup from the scalp.


2.) Raw Apple Cider Vinegar provides a light cleansing and ph balance to the hair and scalp. If you're like me and workout often but shampoo every 2-4 weeks, the use of Raw ACV is helpful for keeping sweat and bacteria buildup from the scalp. Raw ACV also aids in minimizing harsh ingredients found in our water. I apply our Natty ACV Mist after every deep condition and use it often as a moisturizer. The use of raw vs processed allows you to receive the natural nutrients and essentials from the ingredient.


3.) We never ever apply oils and leave them on the scalp. Our scalp produces a wonderful nourishing element called 'sebum' which is tge natural oil. When we apply and leave oils on the scalp we clog the pores and send the signal that our scalp does not need to produce oils  naturally. This malfunction can lead to dry itchy scalp,  flaking and dandruff. The only time I apply oils to our scalp is during our Hair + Scalp oil treatments, which will be shampooed out after a certain time. The natural oils used are nourishing,  cleansing and therapeutic that work with achieving healthy scalp atmospheres instead of against. So we dont apply any product directly onto the scalp which causes buildup, flaking, dryness and other potential scalp issues. Utilize oil treatments using healthy natural oils to keep the scalp healthy, but be sure to shampoo them out.


4.) Never use finger nails to scratch an itchy scalp,  instead use the balls of your fingers to gently rub. Remember the scalp is a sensitive area and using nails or tools to scratch an itch can cause tiny cuts that opens their door for bacteria and fungus growth.


5.) Keep the hair and scalp covered at night with moisture retaining fabrics such as silk or satin. I absolutely live my satin bonnet from @ebonicurls . Other fabrics such as cotton draws moisture from the hair.


6.) A healthy diet and good water intake via water rich foods and pure water play a Huge role in achieving and maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair.


As always, I hope this is helpful in helping you achieve and maintain healthy scalp and hair.