We have all had some moments on our natural hair journey where we felt our hair hit a complete halt. After pondering what could possibly be the reason, I mean we have literally tried every trick and method, we then begin to research, take some time to truly get to know our hair and what actually works for our hair. I returned to natural in 2010 and below I am sharing some tips that truly helped me achieve healthy hair, encourage healthy hair growth and maintain that growth throughout my natural hair journey.



1. Pre Poo

PrePooing is a beneficial step that is done before shampoo cleansing the hair. It allows the hair to retain more conditioner, it helps prevent swelling of the hair and it minimizes the harshness of shampooing and helps rid the hair of shed hairs accumulated throughout the days and weeks. (keep in mind, normal hair will shed between 100-150 hairs per day.  Be sure to pay attention to how your hair feels after pre pooing, shampooing, deep conditioning, applying your leave in and finally sealing in the moisture. Check out my Pre Poo method here.


2. Work In Sections

If I have learned anything that has been helpful throughout my natural hair journey, it has been working in sections. If you're like me and have very thick hair, working in sections is literally a life savor. I wash my hair in sections. I moisturize in sections. I detangle in sections. I trim my hair in sections. I style my hair in sections. Working in sections helps minimize the overwhelming feeling of tangled hair. It also allows time to properly and thoroughly moisturize the hair. 

3. Trim Your Ends

Ahh, I know that it can be a scary task when it comes to trimming your hair. And, let's not forget the flash backs of 'getting a trim' in the salon that ended up being a brand new unasked for hair cut. Breath, Relax, it's truly not that scary. And, if you feel as though you are not comfortable trimming your own hair, head to a salon with a stylist who is familiar with all things natural hair. Because each person's hair and hair care are different, knowing when to trim your natural hair boils down to understanding your hair. Our ends are the oldest part of the hair, it is also the part of the hair that experiences the most friction, such as: rubbing against clothes and furniture. Be sure that you are moisturizing your ends, in fact, pay extra attention to your ends. If you are noticing frequent fairy knots and stunted growth, it may be time for a trim. Check out my method of how I trim my natural hair HERE or, please visit a salon for professional hair maintenance. 

4. Moisturizing Properly

One of the most important healthy hair care tips that I have learned is how to properly moisturize my hair. Because many of the products that we use in our natural hair routine are water based, it is extremely important to understand how moisturizing works. To properly moisturize the hair, first apply a water based product. Working in sections, I first apply my Leave In, ACV Mist or Rose + Hibiscus Toner to dampen my hair. Once my hair is hydrated, I apply my Locs + Tress Oil or Hair + Body Butter to trap/lock/seal the moisture in, preventing that moisture from escaping. Be sure to shampoo regularly as heavy oils and butters can cause buildup which aids in preventing hair from being properly moisturized. 

5. Detangle Slowly, Carefully and Thoroughly

When it comes to detangling the hair, it's best to remember that hair is most fragile when its wet. This is different, however, when detangling under warm running water. This can, however, waste water and encourage more shed hair down the drain. What I have found helpful is to first finger detangle the hair. My hands can feel tangles that a combing tool cannot. I take time to untangle tough tangles of hair. After finger detangling, I then use my detangling brush, such as a Denman brush to further detangle. After a section is detangled, I place my hair in twists to prevent the hair from tangling again. I have found our Leave In Conditioner a life savor when it comes to detangling hair. 

6. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is an extremely important step when it comes to achieving and maintaining health hair and length retention. Shampooing can removes beneficial oils from the hair, therefore causing it to feel dry and brittle. Deep Conditioning helps to infuse the hair with needed moisture and nutrients. I love enjoying our Cupuacu and Rhassoul Deep Conditioner under the steamer. If you have low porosity hair, deep conditioning under a steamer or the use of a heat cap is beneficial for helping to lift the cuticle to infuse the hair with the nutrients from the deep conditioner. Be sure you do not skip this step, it is extremely important in a healthy hair journey. 

7. Diet, Exercise and Water Intake

As important as it is the products that we put on our hair and how we maintain our hair, what we put in our bodies is even more important. A healthy diet helps encourage and promote hair growth. Exercising helps get the blood circulating which helps encourage healthy hair growth. Be sure to get in at least 30 minutes of walking, running or calisthenics .

Are any of these helpful? Feel free to share some of your healthy hair care tips in the comments below.