With many people slowly starting to travel and host friends and family, and with my love of entertaining and hosting guests, I have rounded up seven of my Must-Haves for hosting overnight guests.


Comfy Bedding:

Let's be honest, when we travel to hotels or stay overnight with friends or family, comfy bedding is a super important enhancement to our stay. This can be offered on a budget. We love this comfy organic cotton  striped sheet set . It's versatile and can be paired with a cozy quilt, blanket or down comforter. I love to have two to three sets of sheets for guests.  Comfy pillows are also very important for the sleep quality of guests.  I love these Pillows so much.

Air Mattress:

Don't have a designated guest room available? Pullout sofa on back order? Well, creating a space and using an air mattress can be gold! Air mattresses now days can be super luxe and with comfy bedding, it can be a dream for your guests. Can I just say how comfy this air mattress is!!! Each time we've used it in our downstairs media room (two of our bedrooms are used for our studio spaces), our guests RAVE about how comfortable their sleep was. So much so, we've recommended this particular air mattress to a few of our guests. 

Snacks and Water:

There's nothing worse than your guest having a late night thirst or snack craving and feeling shy about rummaging through your fridge for something to eat or drink. I love to head to World Market, Fresh Market or the likes to grab some delicious snacks and boxed water. Some mixed nuts , chips or gourmet chocolate does the trick every time. 


I love filling a basket with sample sized items such as: toothpaste, makeup remover wipes, lotion, soap, throw away toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner (hotel stays provide great sample sized shampoo, conditioner and lotion, or grab some sample sizes of our goodies), extra toilet paper, napkins and lip balms. This way, if they forget an item, the toiletries basket should have them covered.

House Slippers:

If you're a 'shoe free'' household like we are, having a pair of slippers or socks for guests is priceless. There are plenty of options for inexpensive slippers for guests to enjoy and keep their feet nice and cozy. I love to order the x-large which is comfy for both men and women. 

Towels and Wash Cloth

I love to have a stack of fresh white towels, neatly rolled, with accompanying wash cloth for my guests. I place them on the bed so they are easy to see for my guests. 

Luggage Rack with Laundry Bag

There is nothing more that will come in handy for your guests than a luggage rack and laundry bag. A simple folding luggage rack is perfect and can easily be put away when not entertaining overnight guests. The laundry bag can be stored in your laundry room, so be sure to choose a color that coordinates with your laundry room. 


We keep linens, towels and blankets that we use for our overnight guests in nice large storage bags. I love to fill a cotton satchel with organic lavender buds and a few drops of lavender essential oil and toss them in with the sheets, blankets and towels. They smell amazing when I take them out and use them in our guest space. Also, if you haven't done this earlier, be sure to have your wifi information written down for your guest. A nice night light is also helpful to place in the guest bathroom and sleeping area.