Comfrey, an amazing herb that has been long used throughout history to heal wounds. The name 'Comfrey' in fact, comes from the Latin word 'confera' which means 'knitting together'. In fact, during ancient times, Comfrey baths were popular before marriage to repair the hymen and thus restoring virginity. Since 400 BCE, Greek physicians have used Comfrey to stop bleeding, treat bronchial problems, heal wounds and mend broken bones. This incredibly soothing herb has the ability to help repair and rejuvenate skin to bring out a youthful glow. As an herb of folklore, Comfrey root sachets are used by wandering travelers with the belief that it protects against theft. 

We absolutely love the benefits of Comfrey. High in vitamins and minerals, it aids in protecting the skin from harmful bacteria, moisturizing and promotes rapid skin cell growth. You can find it in our Fields of Glory Herbal Steam Blend


Key Components

  • Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Vitamins A, B123, C and proteins

  • Allantoin ( a substance that fosters the growth of new cells)

  • Mucilage (a gummy substance that soothes inflamed tissues)

  • Rosemarinic Acid (an anti-inflammatory)


Natural Remedies Using Comfrey

  • Poultices made from fresh leaves can be applied to rough skin, aching joints, sores, burns, cuts, sprains and to reduce the swelling around fractures.

  • Poultices from the root are ground into a powder, add a little distilled or filtered water, aloe vera or organic oil, to make a paste and apply to stubborn wounds and bleeding hemorrhoids.

  • Creams are used for bone and muscle damage

  • Infused Oils are used on arthritic joints, bruises, sprains, other traumatic injuries and for inflamed bunions. (Add up to half full with fresh (be sure the fresh leaves or roots are dry) or dried Comfrey, fill clean jar of herb with organic olive oil and keep in cool dry area for 4 to 6 weeks. Strain and add herbal oil to a dark container and enjoy as needed)

  • Tinctures made from Comfrey Root can be applied undiluted to acne


Benefits of Comfrey

  • Astringent

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Cell Proliferator

  • Aids in Healing wounds, bone and cartilage

  • Demulcent

  • Aids in soothing acne

  • Useful for arthritis