Fro Hawk it Out!!!

Here's a great style that's quick, simple and O'So Cute!! It's the perfect look for work or play. Stay tuned for my step by step:

The How To:


Step 1: select a good moisturizer (water based product such as a leave in conditioner) and sealer(butter or natural oil) (use of a styling agent is optional). I moisturized using my Natty Moist and sealed using my Natty Butter. You will also need 2 ouch less metal free bands and 1, 2 or more bobby pins. 

Step 2-3: create a front and back bang

Step 4: Moisturize hair and, without creating parts, place top and middle section of hair into ponytails. Creating parts will cause the style to look more like ponytails than the intended faux fro hawk. Once you have your pony tails secured tightly, fluff the hair so the ponytails are seamless and the hair blends together making it look like one seamless fro hawk.


Step 5: twist your front bang beginning half way down twisting to the end to prep for the swooped front.

Step 6: swoop the twisted bang to desired side and pin using bobby pin(s). Tighten up any loose ends,such as loose hairs, fluffing the hair to ensure a seamless style and apply some sheen (I melted my Natty Butter down to an oil and applied to my finished style to add some shine). Enjoy and rock it out!!!!