We can't continue to express how honored we feel about being a part of Design*Sponge's newest series, 'Living With Others'. Design*Sponge.


Design*Sponge was created by the talented Grace Bonny, who is a blogger, book writer and inspiration to over 930,000 on Instagram alone. I was attracted to her platform via Instagram not only because of the gorgeous photos that she posts to her wonderfully curated page, but also because she uses her huge platform to address conversations on diversity, inclusion, mindfulness of thought, speech and approach when dealing with issues of racism, privilege, sexism and the likes. Her book, "In The Company of Women" is a New York Times best seller and Design*Sponge also features some of the most amazing home tours EVER!!! You can check out our 2017 Home Tour feature HERE. 

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A peak at some of the feature via Design*Sponge

(photo of our dining room currently)

What is the best part about living together as a family?

 The best part about living together is honestly experiencing and seeing the growth and maturity that we experience as individuals, as husband and wife and definitely as parents. I have learned so much about myself being a wife and mother and we learn so much about ourselves being parents. We learn so much from our children. It’s a huge level of accountability as kids learn by what they see, so they are our biggest accountability partners and that’s an honorable responsibility, but also a very serious responsibility. We love eating family dinner together and chatting about the ins and outs of our day. Most people assume that because we operate our business in our home as well as homeschool our kids who are with us throughout the day we would grow tired of seeing each other — that’s not the case at all because the atmosphere at dinner is way more relaxed. And, when we need moments of “self-time” or “mommy/daddy time” we give the kids the freedom to enjoy their gadgets or watch a movie and we also tell them, “hey, guys, we need a moment so if you guys can enjoy a movie or enjoy some art time, we’d love it.” We find that speaking very straight to them works and they respect our time just as we respect theirs. It’s all about living in harmony, because, you know, there are six of us in this home. For the FULL FEATURE, check it out HERE

We are huge huge believers in teaching our children responsibility early in hopes that they become responsible adults. Daily chores are a huge part of our day and our children, I must say, do an amazing job of keeping their rooms tidy.

(Image of how our boys tidy up their room)

Are you living with others? What are some ways in which you live with others to create harmony?

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