As a mom of four little ones, it's imperative to step away from the beautiful life of mommy-hood and find some quiet time to focus on inspiration or just stealing moments of quiet time. Whether it's banging out a hard core workout at the gym, contouring your beautiful body via yoga or sitting in complete awe in nature, it's so important to find some time for 'you'.
A great laugh with a dear friend at her o'mazingly gorgeous furniture store was just the quick getaway that I needed, and of course, it doesn't hurt that your good friend owns this awesome space of pure goodness. Laughing over glasses of wine and reminiscing over old times and catching up on the happenings of the 'now' in our lives. 
A beautiful desk display can inspire even the busiest mommy who finds it hard to 'slow...down'. 
While finding inspiration, chatting and just having some good ole fun, I was in heaven viewing all of the various accessories, unique furniture pieces, beautifully contrasted textures. This basket was a beauty that caught my eye as I imagined how well it would look in my home.
I couldn't help but plant myself down on this absolutely beautiful sofa that was the most luscious sitting machine that my mommy working body has experienced in quite some time. 
And who wouldn't love this wonderfully curved artistic piece of 'beautiful'. With it's firm cream colored fabric juxtaposed the rustic dark wood, just beautiful.
Wonderfully girly..this needs no words..beautiful
All things 'pink'..Need I say more
And of course, I take some time to fluff the hair..Hey, she has grand mirrors all around begging one to 'stand in front of me'...So, I did, a few times.
After the days events of hours of chatting, laughing..oh, and wine, I was extremely peaceful upon my return home. Keep this in mind, my fellow mommies, if you don't take care of self, you will limit how much you are able to take care of others..effectively. Take some time for you and don't feel guilty about it. Regroup and find what brings you peace..find what brings you inspiration..find what makes you smile, for you.You will find that you are able to enjoy yourself, your family and your home much better.  In the end, when all is peaceful with mom, all is peaceful in the family. Wishing you peace and blessings. A Bientot!
Furniture Store: Jackson Charles Home
Undertank and Necklace: Forever21
Pants: Walgreens (Chattanooga, TN location)
Hair products for this twist out: Natty Creme and Natty Butter