Ok, guys, I know it's been awhile since we've embarked on a challenge..not since our 'Oil Pulling Challenge', and yes, it's time!! And of course, this page is about opening our minds to a healthier mind, body and spirit..
When meditating on this challenge, I had to think that with the plethora of health ailments consuming many lives today, how could we embark on a challenge to help people open their minds and lives to incorporating healthy practices into their lifestyles. You know my motto, 'any start is better than no start'...And the problem many express is that they simply do not know how to begin or the direction to take to begin a healthier lifestyle..OR, many may not have the support at home when embarking on a healthier lifestyle....Well, inspiration and motivation challenges are a great way to help. Unfortunately, it's simply not so easy to just 'be vegan' or 'eat healthy', especially if you truly do not have the knowledge of where to begin, or breaking habits that have been lifelong. What I don't expect is for everyone to become pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan or any of the sort. Yes, those are excellent lifestyles, but everyone may not be ready for that or even want that, so I believe in meeting people where you are and starting from there. It's all about the start..so, for the next 30 days, I want to propose a challenge to have a Healthy body takeover. As Hipoccrates stated. 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food'...True health care reform begins in the kitchen, from great ingredients from the earth. Who's Ready....Let's Do This!!
Be sure to tune in to get helpful health tips throughout the challenge. 
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