Greetings, greetings,greetings,Beaus and Beauties! I hope all is well with you folks. So, I get asked about my regimen, so I would love to keep you guys abreast to my world of all natural hair. Now, keep in mind, my regimen has worked for me, I try to keep it simple and don't really stray from the method I use nor products (well of course, I use our goodies we make, lol) however, I encourage everyone to seek a regimen that truly works for them. Be inspired,but tweak it so that it works for you. Stay tuned and hang out below.



Pre Pooing is a beneficial step (totally optional) that is done prior to shampooing the hair. It allows the hair to retain more conditioner, helps prevent the hair from swelling (which can aid in dryness) and helps get rid of shed hair that would otherwise find its home in your drain. Oh, and let's not forget, it helps with detangling the hair minimizing breakage. To view my full Pre-Poo Method, click here

Products of choice for my pre poo: Either our Hair + Scalp Treatment or my Leave In Conditioner. With my hair in 2 to 4 sections, I apply the Oil or Leave In Conditioner  on to dry hair, thoroughly work it in, detangle and cover with a plastic cap for 20-30 minutes, then proceed to shampoo. 



Products of choice: Nourishing Shampoo. All of these do a wonderful job with clarifying my hair to ensure that product buildup is thoroughly removed, which aids in helping the hair to retain moisture. I cleanse twice per month due to the natural ingredients that I use and I do not accumulate much buildup. I apply the cleanser and focus on massaging into my scalp to ensure a clean scalp and healthy environment for my hair to grow. After cleansing, I soak up excess moisture using an old t-shirt, which causes less friction, frizz and breakage than using a towel. 



Each time I cleanse, I deep condition using our Deep Conditioner. Talk about a yummy treat for my tresses. I opt to use my steamer or simply heat a desired amount of my conditioner to help lift my cuticles and infuse moisture into my hair,due to my hair's normal to low porosity (For the scoop on Porosity, check it out here). After thoroughly rinsing my deep conditioner out, I spray my ACV Hair & Scalp Mist onto my hair and scalp to help protect my hair and scalp from mineral buildup and environmental contaminants. This also helps to minimize frizz and impart a shine to the hair since it aids with closing the cuticle of the hair, which is lifted during the cleansing and deep conditioning treatments. I wrap my hair in an old T-shirt to allow it to dry to about 50-60%. I've found that when I style my hair on wet hair, it shrinks a ton and the style takes a longer time to dry. Allowing my hair to dry a bit first helps keep my hair a bit more stretched and ensures my hair drys thoroughly. 



Once my hair has dried to about 50-60%, I apply my Leave In Conditioner to my hair as my leave in moisturizer. Throughout the week when  my hair is in need of re-moisturizing, I will use my Leave In Conditioner again to hydrate my hair. If my hair is in a protective style, such as twists or plaits, I will use my ACV Mist to moisturize my hair, as a spray is easier to use when hair is in protective styles. 



Anytime I apply a moisturizer or water based product, I make sure to apply my Hair + Body Butter  or my Locs + Tress Oil to seal in the moisture. Because butters and oils are not moisturizers due to the lack of water content, they are known as sealants and are best applied to hair that has been first moisturized or dampened with water or a water based product. Some examples that I use: Leave In ConditionerStyling Creme or ACV Mist (these are all water based products). 



For extra moisture, after I have applied my Leave In Conditioner, I will apply a dab of my Styling Creme for a greater hold. This helps a ton with definition and I don't need a lot to achieve any style. It's a bit heavier than the Leave In Conditioner so a little goes a long way..and I can opt to apply my Hair + Body Butter for locking in extra moisture or not. When taking down a style, such as twists or plaits for a twist out or braid out look, I always apply a dab of Hair + Body Butter to my hands to help minimize frizz and friction. This also helps to further soften my hair and give it a bit of sheen. This is the only time I will apply my Hair + Body Butter to my hair in a dry state and only a minimal amount is used. 

At night, I protect my hair using my satin bonnet.  Satin is a wonderful fabric for helping the hair to retain moisture...or, I will simply sleep on my satin pillow.