When I was living the career life of an Interior Designer, I quickly learned the most coveted rooms in a home were the kitchen and bath. I was blessed to design some amazingly large spaces and some quaint spaces. I favored the smaller spaces because it allowed more creativity in terms of how to spice up areas where the budget wouldn't allow complete structural makeovers. I always stress, no matter if you own or rent, make your space your own and call it home. Here, I show how you can spruce up a small bath without changing one thing in the space..perfect if working on a budget. 

One of the best design tricks for small spaces or spaces that are deemed an 'eye sore' is to draw the eye away from what you may feel is the eye sore. This can be done with accessories, paint, artwork, soaps and many other items. Here, with a small vanity, it's great to keep the color scheme monochromatic, with only mild pops of color. The bath is small, so go a bit big with the accessories, it can create the illusion of more space. It also draws the eye away from the 'small-ness' of the space. Glass accessories also help with opening up the space, so play around with some glass accessories. 

For this guest bath, I always love for my guests to feel at home and providing the basics, in style, helps hone that feeling in. Pretty glass jars for holding tea lights; A beautiful glass and silver tray holding delicate items such as; glass vase filled with all natural, beautifully crafted, awesomely scented handmade soaps, cut to the perfect size for bathing and one filled with cotton balls, q-tips or other accessories; decorative towels, candles and the most yummy-est whipped butter on the planet, Natty Butter ..Oh, and you can't forget the pumpkin..hey, it's fall. When adding pretty little things to a space, the last thing your guest, or you, will think about is anything of an eyesore. A homey bath should be clean, neat and smell O'So yummy too.

Resource List: 

Glass Vases and Silver/Glass Tray: Homegoods
Glass Tea Light Holders: Homegoods
Hand crafted soaps:
Osmia Organics (cut soaps in the Glass Vase:Chamomile Sun, Coffee Mint, Lavender Pine)
Soap on the burnt sienna hand towel: Osmia Organics
Hand whipped body and hair butter: Natty Butter in Sweet Orange Cream