When we think about hypocrisy, our first thoughts are usually in thought of someone else's mishaps. We, many times, fail to look at self and our own hypocritical thoughts, words and actions. We, many times, fail to realize how we teach our children acts of hypocrisy by the things we say or do in their presence, yet become upset if they, in turn, do the same thing...We, many times, fail to look at self because we don't want to think of ourselves as hypocrites, liars or any of the sort. We have accepted a society where views of lying has become acceptable..ok..not so bad,,something we must do to prove a deceive..etc.

Children are taught how to deceive, manipulate and lie at very young ages, and many times, we fail to stop and think how our actions as their parents or guardians have promoted this.
Example: 'Ok, we're gonna say you're 4, even though you're 6, so you can get in free'...yet become irate when a child of ours is caught, well ya know..lying.You see, the beautiful innocence of children is that they are born bearing truth..speaking truth and are 'taught' to do otherwise through example and action.

Example: 'Man, that guy/girl gets on my nerves..I can't stand that person' Then the person of despise walks up and kids see parent/parents say this, 'Hey, So and So, it's great to see you. We should have lunch sometime and catch up..or come by the house!' that moment, a child has been taught the wonderful virtue of deception and hypocrisy. These things have made my husband and I extremely mindful of what we say and how we act or react while our children are around. We have a disagreement, we 'resolve' it amicably. We understand that they will see a disagreement,but it's how we handle, resolve and make peace that shows them how to have conflict and resolve conflict.

Many times, we can become easily offended by feelings of being judged, yet we forget how easily we judge the words or actions of others,even if only watching TV (ie..reality shows)..The democracy of hypocrisy. We are appalled when someone is rude to us, yet we justify when we are rude to others. We are appalled when others are less tolerant to us, yet we exude impatience and lack of tolerance to whom we deem 'deserves' our minds..The democracy of hypocrisy.

People, especially women, are judged and called out of their names if we view they have just, 'way too many' sex know the word..begins with an H..Yet, let's be honest, any of us who have had relations outside of a covenant,well ya know. Whether 1 or 1000, if it's outside of a covenant...The democracy of hypocrisy.

'Shoot it to me straight, now'...we say we love truth and honesty, yet many times, families are broken apart, friendships lost, co workers at odds due to honest, truth conversations. Truth in families can rip a hole in the core larger than the an asteroid crashing to earth. Truth brings up pain. Truth busts open the misconception that we've been telling self, that we're ok. Truth makes you open wounds and begin the process of healing infection (remember my post on healing?) Yet, many do not want to face that battle of operation of exposing the wound to cleanse out the infection.
The democracy of hypocrisy.

The very problem with race and race relations is that we deceive self into thinking we are not prejudice (prejudging others based on things we've heard, read, experienced,felt, etc). We seduce our minds into thinking, 'I'm not like that', yet fail to step outside of a comfort zone to 'empathize' with others from other cultures..Or get to know a person based on the most basic 'animalistic' surface thing, skin complexion. Unfortunately, this demon visits us of all hues, all cultures, all ethnicities. We 'assume' we know what we truly don't know and will not know because our hypocritical mind or judgement from others won't allow it, failing to see that you may just have a ton in common with someone you never thought you may have something in common with. Or, you may just learn a lot about the brokenness from a group of people that you wouldn't have known otherwise. The democracy of hypocrisy.

Truth, honesty, loyalty, integrity, compassion have been replaced with hypocritical acts of deceit, manipulation, lack of integrity, acceptance in telling ourselves, 'that's just the way it is' but shouting 'amen' on Saturday or Sunday when the Word has told us a different truth.

No, we who walk this earth, may never reach a level of perfection...but each day we wake AND we breath, we have another day to strive to correct stinking thinking...deceitful actions...resolve issues...speak truth 'out of love'...heal wounds...forgive someone..exude compassion...get to know someone outside of our comfort zone..move forward. Each day we wake, we have the power to debunk 'THE DEMOCRACY OF HYPOCRISY'. One thought, by one person speaking to SELF first...