My oldest son was out shopping with my mother and in the midst of their outing my mother called me on the phone to say:

Mom: "I just wanted to tell you that I'm so happy right now and this lady just made my day."

Me: "What's going on?"

Mom: "This lady at the store stopped me and wanted to give Christian the utmost praise and said that he is the most manner-able respectful young man she has ever met. She said how rare it is to see young children exude such manners and respect and she wish she could know the man he is to become because she know he is going to become someone great. She said she didn't have much on her but wanted to give him something so she gave him money and carried on with telling Christian how proud she is of him and to tell his parents they are doing a great job with him!"

THAT..made my day! And my mom was on cloud 1000.. And I just had to say that no matter how much manners may be lacking in today's society or how many looks of astonishment we receive when our children say 'yes ma'am' or 'yes sir' or 'no thank you' or 'yes please' or 'may I please have', the duty of making honor, respect and manners is well worth the diligence it takes. Many think being parents who operate a business and home-school our children is easy. Having worked a job since I was 16, I must say owning a business is the most challenging occupation, but well worth it. Homeschooling our children, despite naysayers have their doubts and opinions of ignorance about children who are home schooled (believe me, we've heard it all), or may think our children are 'different' because they have manners or are artsy or haven't heard nor even know who 99% of the musicians on main stream radio are who blare out lyrics that are way beyond what children should listen well worth the sacrifice of peer pressure, assimilation and misguided habits of some children who may not be so well trained at home. And of course, there are a plethora of children who are in school who exude the very best of the things I speak of and my step daughter is one of them...She kills the manners game and is extremely respectful, helpful and honorable.

I say sacrifice because homeschooling, which means one of us is home with our 4 children all day..everyday,and if you have kids, you KNOW that's work, patience, tolerance, temper control, therapy, etc..etc..etc.
Even when manners lack among even adults,and it seems like a lost art of respect, it makes everything my husband and I do so worth it. More than good grades or the latest gadget or toy or high priced clothing item that they'll just tear up in the end...Honor, Manners, Respect are what brings my husband and I joy. With understanding that we are responsible for lives and souls until we are no longer allowed that privilege, we strive to make the most of it, even through allllll of our mistakes. How we raise them can have a major impact on how they deal with self and others and it's so important as we see that many many many people, including self, struggle with breaking chains of brokenness experienced during childhood. We're not perfect parents, but that one thing, that one expression from the lady at the store, helped us to see that our efforts and our vision and dedication are working in at least one area. So, I'm a happy mommy and my husband is a happy daddy and together we are a blessed union..mistakes, flaws and all.
As always, wishing everyone peace, joy and positivity in their lives.
Feel free to share positive feedback of your little ones, I love to read them!