photo via @CurlyProverbz

    Ah, the beauty of reviews. Reviews are always a way to learn, share and grow as a brand. We are always so thankful and so thrilled to read reviews from our lovely customers, and I may be biased when saying that we have some of the best customers EVER! Receiving reviews are helpful in a business's growth because not only does it help potential customers learn more about the product, it also helps us, as a business, understand what we are doing well and not so well, especially when the review is a constructive criticism. So, again, a huge thank you for continuing to leave your reviews, we truly appreciate you.

     Now, when it comes to brands and bloggers/influencers, many brands will pay for a blogger/influencer to rep their product(s) in order to increase sales. This is actually a very smart strategy if the goal of that brand is to grow quickly.  It can be great for marketing and advertising and overall a way to increase awareness about a brand. Our chosen journey was to grow consciously but slowly since we also homeschool our 4 children, so we have not chosen to monetarily pay for blogger/influencer services (and boy have we had many to reach out through the years) again, which can be an amazing way to grow your customer base and brand awareness. Word of mouth, loyal customers and referrals have sustained our business for the past 7 years and we couldn't be more grateful. So, when popular blogger, CurlyProverbz heard of our brand from one of our loyal customers (and if I ever find out who that is, I truly want to send them so much love and reward them for!), our adventure began with building a relationship with a blogger/influencer. We shipped out a hefty package to the UK to CurlyProverbz who enjoyed our Leave In Conditioner in Lemongrass, Dudu Osum Shampoo, Farmer's Daughter Herbal Steam and Rajati Enzyme Mask. We had no expectations as we did not monetarily pay to receive reviews or a post, we just appreciate the honest feedback and if the results were great, let us know and we can move forward .

     Fast forward to a month or so later and literally an immediate SELL OUT of our Leave In ConditionerDeep Conditioner, Shampoo and Hair + Body Butter in Lemongrass (the beauty of new customers is that they try additional products in addition to the one they initially shopped for). And our normal processing and ship out turnaround of 1-3 business days became 7 business days. Wow! Talk about a rush!!! We didn't realize where the immediate rush of sales were coming from until, ding (light bulb), I happened to view Curlyproverbz YouTube channel and saw a new video with her naming our Leave In Conditioner the best she has EVER tried and she has tried many. She called it her 'bae' . A few days later, Farida (CurlyProverbz) sent me a DM of the video she created and left some amazingly positive words of her love of the product.

     Farida's (CurlyProverbz) honest experience, extremely beneficial knowledge and love of the products inspired her to create an amazing video on her Youtube Channel naming our Leave In Conditioner her hands down "Holy Grail Leave In Conditioner" (we were pleasantly pleasantly shocked) and we gained some amazing new customers and so far, repeat customers, around the globe within a matter of minutes that has continued to grow to date. Her video increased our  sales 3.5X (April 2018) and our email list gained over 800 new subscribers to date (April - June). Our repeat customer base has grown twice the size since April 2018 and Youtube has now been our consistent top social media conversion platform since April 2018, making 90% of our current sales generating from Youtube via CurlyProverbz channel. And, we are enjoying an amazing influx of reviews and feedback from beauties all over the globe with all hair types and are consistently receiving Insta Story mentions, photos and email messages of how much customers are loving our products. 

So a huge huge, gigantic THANK YOU to Farida, CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby and thank you to our loyal and new customers...we truly appreciate you!! Be sure to head over to CurlyProverbz Channel and WATCH THIS VIDEO to catch her review of our Leave In Conditioner. As always, thanks so much for being a part of our Green Beauty family!