Our busy busy weeks, wowsa! I literally force myself to take a moment to recoup because business has been nonstop. What the heck is going on you ask? Well stay tuned and you'll find out the why and how we manage it as a family and brand. This is fantastic, of course, but we do have to be mindful that we are homeschooling and have active kids who need our time. These past few weeks have been 14 and 16 hour days, barely any home cooked meals and tons of "be right there in a moment" moments. Part of our vision for beginning this business was to make sure we always have not just time for our kids, but quality time. This is one of the main reasons we chose to homeschool our kids (for a look into why we homeschool, check out my post HERE). We have recently restocked our website and restocked our website with product sell outs happening almost as soon as we load them on the site. Why on earth do we place a limited supply on our products? Read more to find out the scoop.


We chose a slower growing business path, but have been blessed to sustain our family of 6 and purchase a home (feel free to check out our home Tours via Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy) and invest and be more than ok as a slow growing business. So don't ever feel as though you must rush your vision, grow at a pace you're comfortable with because moving on your vision, that's success already. We have not monetarily paid any bloggers (definitely not knocking as it's one of the best ways to build brand awareness, I speak about this more in a recent blog post HERE) but have been extremely blessed to have some that were customers and loved the product so much they chose to shout us out via their YouTube channels..that's truly grace. That's the universe and Creator bending to our requests and diligence and faith.


One thing that is super duper important to us,being a 'green beauty' brand is that we place a lot of value in the integrity of our ingredients which our products are filled with. We source some of the highest quality ingredients that are mostly organic or wildcrafted, cold pressed, steam distilled and never adulterated with cheap cuts  or yukky ingredients. This is one reason why our products are a bit more pricey than many commercial brands and because we will not compromise on ingredients, we do not compromise on the price of our products and as 'green beauty brand, we are actually a bit less expensive than many many green beauty brands on the market. Great ingredients cost, period! For a detailed read on 'Why Organic Is More Expensive" check out my blog post HERE. We are blessed with a very very diverse customer base with very diverse hair care types and needs and magically enjoying the exact same products. We formulate and handcraft our products to be able to be enjoyed by all hair types and most skin conditions. We are huge believers in the beauty of choice and we understand, however, that this may not be everyone's path of living and everyone may not be that interested in the benefits of not only natural ingredients, but ingredients that are without harmful pesticides and sourced from companies who utilize ethical practices..we completely understand this and respect this, everyone is NOT our customer. 


Family time and self care. The base of our existence is geared towards a healthy family lifestyle. We center our business around our family, who will always come first. Part of our vision for beginning this business was to make sure we always have not just time for our kids, but quality time. That was one of the reasons for by passing big box stores such as Target (cause I get asked why we passed on that opportunity). We prefer smaller intimate boutiques as retailers. Not knocking the big box stores, just sharing our path. I actually think big box stores can be an amazing path to building a brand, our chosen path is just different. Last week, we prepped over 500 orders and still have hundreds of products to prep and ship and the orders are continuing to roll in and we are unbelievably grateful because we realize that new businesses close and do not make it past 5 years and we've been blessed for 7. This business has seen me through two pregnancies and now those kiddies are 5 and 7. We love a family environment and atmosphere and for the most part, we attract very very respectful customers and supporters.with the occasional few who may not truly understand our vision. We try not to overwhelm ourselves in order to garner every single purchase hence the limited supply even during high demand times. We slow pace so that we may be able to fulfill orders in a healthy timeframe, not in a stressful manner, so we absolutely appreciate your patience. We take a lot of time to fill our website with helpful blog posts and healthy hair, skin and lifestyle tips. We keep our invoices updated with current processing times (gotta read them though..gotta read them!) and if we fall behind schedule, we communicate. As a lover of holistic living, I'm a firm believer that respect play a major major role. I believe even when we are frustrated, we can exude a sense of integrity and maturity in our speech. Because of this, disrespectful overtones or speech are not tolerated by me nor towards anyone who may work for us and we exude the utmost respect for our customers. Even in the moments of disagreements, we can choose to exude maturity and respect, if anything, for ourselves. Character speaks volumes. Holistic living is more than one aspect of who a person is, it's the whole person, mind, body and spirit working as one to create a loving and positive self and therefore we exude that love for and towards others and we teach our children the same, not only through our words, but through our actions being the largest example. 


There's been times of wanting to give up, times of motivation lack because it does get really challenging. There have been tears, exhaustion, disagreements, but those have always been outweighed by laughter, blessings, motivation, inspiration and freedom. That's when we know it's time to recoup and regroup. I wish this for everyone who may feel overwhelmed or stressed or disturbed in their spirit at the moment. Find some time for self reflection, be honest about that reflection, embrace the process of overcoming obstacles and discover what peace and joy look and feel  like for you. Wishing you Joy and Peace, Peeps!


tips: Be sure to always check out our 'Shipping and Returns" policy. It will stay updated on our current processing times..we also include this notice on ALL invoices, be sure to read them over. And as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!