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Natural Hair Tips For Swimming

By Dominique Harris
on April 09, 2024
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Let's talk swimming! Let's be honest, those of us in the natural hair community, chlorine and other chemicals in pool water can wreak havoc on our coils, curls, and kinks. These extremely drying chemicals are supporters of dry and damaged hair if not properly cared for. If you're like me and my family, we love the water. If you're also like me and my family, frequent hair maintenance can be time consuming when you visit the pool regularly. 

In this article, I want to share some super helpful tips that has helped maintain the coils and curls in our household and tips that have been super helpful for my customers and audience. Let's Dive In!



If you're the type of natural who prefers to not get their hair wet while enjoying the waves, investing in a high quality swim cap works wonders. It allows the option to enjoy a day at the pool and enjoy a night out on the town without having to redo your hair. One of my favorite swim caps is this turban swim cap by YGN. It has, hands down, saved me, time wise, on days where after a swim I wanted to shower, dress, and head out the door.  Here are a few others that are wonderful, especially for those who have longer tresses or long locs, find those HERE and HERE




So, we know that chlorine and other chemicals in pools can wreak havoc on our coils and curls. To help minimize how much of our hair absorbs those chemicals it's best to thoroughly saturate your hair with fresh clean water, I love using distilled water or water from our Berkey shower filters which have chlorine filters. 



Before diving into the cool blue, on saturated hair, apply a liberal amount of Leave In Conditioner. Applying Leave In Conditioner acts as a further barrier to minimize the amount of harmful chemicals our curls and coils absorb. Be sure to ALSO apply some leave in AFTER swimming and rinsing the hair to add moisture back into the hair. 




For those who love the freedom of placing their hair in a style that can last a week or two, listen up! Styles such as braids, twists, flat twists, or cornrows are wonderful styles to enjoy in the pool. I love to place my daughter's hair in large twists and then do the banding method (placing bands down the length of the hair). Even when swimming daily, her hair lasts a good week and a half until wash day. 




photo via The Guardian Nigeria

After a day of pool fun, be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair with clean water. Though saturating the hair and applying the Leave In helped to minimize the amount of chlorine and other pool chemicals, a good rinse or even a light co wash or sulfate free shampoo cleanse is ideal. Be sure to use a good clarifying shampoo at least once per month and follow up with a Deep Conditioner



While the hair is freshly clean and still damp, this is the best time to apply a light Oil or Hair + Body Butter. Applying an Oil or Butter to damp hair helps to seal/lock moisture into the strands. I do this even when my daughter's hair is banded (see hairstyles for swimming section) to ensure that moisture is being sealed in properly. The banding method not only protects her hair during swimming, it also keeps it stretched which minimizes tangles. 



Wet hair can be a catalyst for tangles and further damage. After a good cleanse, I love to wear my microfiber satin wrap. It has bee such a life savor for drying my hair using materials that are not as harsh as towels. Check out my favorite microfiber wrap HERE

5 Tips To To Help Prevent Product Flaking

By Dominique Harris
on August 25, 2023
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A healthy and clean scalp and healthy clean hair makes us smile!!

Have you ever been excited to attend an event, got dressed, headed out, arrived and walked in like a boss only to realize that your outfit is filled with a layer of hair snow?!/!  We can all, perhaps, relate to the horrors of product flaking and the embarrassment of scalp snow as a dead giveaway that our hair session was almost successful. 


First, lets discuss the difference between product buildup and dandruff, so we don't mistake one for the other. Dandruff is a contagious skin condition that is caused by yeast on the scalp. You see this more commonly on oily scalps that causes itchiness, dry patches of dead skin and flaking of that dead skin. Dandruff appears on the scalp as irregular sized yellow flakes that fall onto your shoulders or fall out of your scalp if you run your hands through your hair. Your hair will feel clean, but you can see the flakes. For more information on dandruff, check out my post HERE.

Product buildup up is an accumulation of hair products on your scalp or on your hair. This can occur when using products that are not water soluble. Basically, water alone cannot break up the product and successfully remove it from your hair.  Since the water alone cannot break up the product, it will create a film on the hair that will begin to buildup and could eventually affect your scalp. Product buildup sticks to the hair and will have a slightly sticky feel and causes the hair to have a greasy feel. 

Product flaking can be a mood kill. So, today, I'm going to share 5 tips that have been helpful for me as well as my customers when dealing with product flaking.


Oftentimes, we layer products for the desired results for a hairstyle. Unfortunately, some products do not get along, and they're quick to let you know that they don't play well with other products. To pre test, apply a small amount of the desired products of use to your palms. Rub the palm of your hands together to see if the products mix together seamlessly without coagulating or bubbling. If the products mix together seamlessly, then they more than likely will mix together successfully in your hair. If the products do clump or bubbling when mixed together, those products will more than likely clump and flake in your hair when applied together. So, if using our Leave In Conditioner and Styling Creme, apply those products together to see if they clump or bubble. If they do, and you are wanting a more styled hair style, omit the Leave In Conditioner step and simply apply the Styling Creme to wet or damp hair. Some applications require the hair to be soaking wet for best results. Play around with product to see if applying to wet or damp hair works best for you. Our Styling Creme can work as a moisturizer as well as a light Styling Creme, so if best, using our Styling Creme solo may be the best for a go to style. 


Ok, it is Hard not to over apply product. For some reason, our brains tell us that we always need MORE. Unfortunately, too much product can cause flaking, so start with little and gradually add a little more a very very little at a time. 


Another hair annoyance is product buildup. I don't care how clean and green or plant based the products are, buildup will occur. Because we do use many products, a good clarifying cleanse is good to incorporate into your hair routine once per month. Clarifying cleansers help breakdown product molecules and help to remove the buildup from the hair. Apple Cider Vinegar rinses are great for this as well. Or, apply our ACV Hair + Scalp Mist as a pre poo method to help lift some of the buildup on hair and scalp. Be sure to always rinse the hair thoroughly when cleansing and conditioning. 


For hair that is low porosity, products have a harder time penetrating the hair shaft. So, products can tend to sit on top of the hair strand instead of penetrating it, which can cause flaking. For low porosity hair, applying heat in the form of a heat cap or steamer is a great way to help products penetrate the hair shaft. For more information on hair porosity, check out my post HERE.


Sectioning your hair is often necessary, especially if you have medium to longer natural hair. Sectioning allows you to ensure that you're covering the hair evenly. By sectioning the hair, it allows you to pay more attention to the amount of product being applied and where it is applied. 

BONUS: When cleansing the hair, if you feel that your shampoo is not being distributed evenly, be sure to place the hair in sections and cleanse one section at a time. Use a scalp brush to help distribute the cleanser evenly and accurately and give a deeper clean working hard to remove product buildup, dandruff, and dirt. 

Did these tips help? Do you have tips that you would like to share that I may have missed? Please feel free to share your tips  

The Holiday Gift Guide

By Dominique Harris
on November 25, 2021
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Happy Holidays!

As we are preparing for our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sales, we thought it would be the perfect time to help you choose some gifts for those you love...or for yourself! Browse through our list of goodies that is sure to please even the pickiest tastes of those you love. 


We offer a wonderful selection of products for all hair types. Our goal is helping you achieve and maintain healthy hair using some of the safest and best ingredients. Be sure to check out our library of helpful hair tips via our blog. Simply type in a category in the search option, for example "dry hair" and view our library of helpful posts on each topic. Check out our full hair care line HERE

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Indulge in a luxurious bath or shower ritual using one or more of our Bath & Body products. View our full line of Bath & Body Products HERE

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Beautiful beards begin with healthy skin and whisker care. Check out our full line of Beard + Shave Care products HERE to help that skin and those whiskers look and smell amazing. 

Customer Faves: Beard Oil, Spiced Aftershave, Hair + Body Butter

How We Balance Homeschool, Business and Family

By Dominique Harris
on August 31, 2021
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So, Let's talk balance. Balance is one of those things that is greatly needed for a healthy, intentional lifestyle. I could say that we've always had it together throughout the ten years that we've owned a business and the ten years that we've homeschooled our four children, but that would be absolutely not true. It took some time finding the right balance. It took some time to find a schedule that truly work for our family and business lives. How much time, you ask? Well, let's just say that it was within recent years that we got it áll the way' together, to a point where we have a healthy balance and feel confident that we are giving our kids the much needed attention regarding their education. We became even more intentional about slowing down and being extremely mindful about getting as close to balancing education, business, family time, date nights and self time...whew! That's a lot!

Listen, if you're new to providing your children with a home based education, remember to give yourself grace during the learning process of what your family./work balance will be. Because I understand the importance of establishing a healthy balance, I will share how we navigate our daily To Dos with regards to our homeschool life, family life and owning a business. Also, feel free to view my post on the 'Pros and Cons of Homeschool' that I wrote some years back. So, sit back and enjoy an inside look of the daily life in our household. 



Ok, so I am the morning person in the house. I usually wake up around 5 or 5:30 AM. This gives me time to answer emails, plan lessons, look over past assignments, enjoy a quick workout, meditate, plan art projects with the kids, schedule meetings and lunch dates and just Breathe. Early rising is extremely important for me as it jump starts my mind into focus and purpose. My husband, Syeed, wakes around 6 or 6:30 AM and on Tuesday,  and Thursday, he wakes the kids around the same time so that they can do their morning chores, eat breakfast (if they're hungry), wash face, brush teeth and then they go for a quick walk/hike.




We wake the kids at 7 AM on days that they do not hike with Syeed. This gives them time to linger a bit, wash face, brush teeth, do chores and prepare for the day. Their lesson time is between 8 AM - 12 PM. They begin with 30 minutes of reading (book of their choice that we borrow from the public library or books we buy from a local bookstore).This four hours of working closely with our kids is extremely crucial and highly effective. I love to have them take assessment tests each month so that I can gage where they are and what we need to recap and brush up on. The usual lesson time for most homeschool children is 3-4 hours, 3-5 days per week. This, of course, depends on the age and the number of children. We have found that 4 hours per day, 4-5 days per week works well for us. Our lessons usually include subjects such as: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Critical Thinking, Geography, Art, Music, Social Studies, History, Finance Literacy, Science and Spelling, with a bonus weekly Spelling Bee that the kids LOVE! If this list of subjects feel overwhelming just by reading, no worries, as I mentioned, we utilize many of the resources that are listed in this blog HERE. Syeed and I work as a team. He loves teaching history to the kids and I love Math (we even have fun math competitions to keep the spark flying). We make sure that we are both involved during these three hours of lesson time. This is also when I can hop online and chat a bit, especially when the kids are engaged in a written lesson or listening to a learning video. 






Once lesson time is over, which is at 12 PM, the kids fix lunch. Yes, they fix their own lunch which always include a piece of fruit. We teach them responsibility because in order for us to have a balance in our home, it takes everyone within the home to work as a team. Believe me, teaching responsibility and working as a team earlier in age is what helps this process operate much, much smoother. They fix lunch and clean the dining room after eating. Lunch is usually over at 12:45 PM. Afterwards, it's art time for the kids. They love to either draw on their pads or free hand draw. This is also a perfect time for them to enjoy a documentary, listen to music, enjoy a music lesson, enjoy an Outschool lesson and more. Work hard during those three hours and we also include so many extra curricular activities throughout the day, including family day where we head out as a family for the day to enjoy an activity. Once 12 PM hits, this is the time that either Syeed, a few assistants, and I head to our studio to work. We process, prepare and ship orders which is definitely a daily, 5 day per week, task with the amount of orders that we receive. Our studio/work time is 12 PM - 4 PM. We do a ton of prep throughout the week and definitely on the weekends. Prepping on the weekends allows our week to flow smoothly. So, giving up a few hours on the weekend is worth it. This was all established by my husband's years of managerial experience in restaurants. And our 15 year old (now 18 and in college)became our first official employee within our household. And, our younger three help with other tasks such as folding boxes and stocking our shelves with our products. 





Once our packages have been picked up by our delivery service, we begin to prep for dinner. Syeed and I alternate cooking, but honestly, he does most of the cooking and all of the grocery shopping. We do take a good thirty minutes to recoup and check in on the kids to see how they're doing. They're usually great, engaged in imagination play where they have a full fledge stage show happening with characters and all. Don't get me started on the hilariousness of their character 'Pa-Trasha' (a woman named Patricia who has bad/trashy character that they want to encourage to be a better person, it's hilarious). I digress. Dinner vibes are always fun. We prepare a meal, we eat together, the kids clean the dining room and kitchen and then they venture off to their rooms for a bit. Around 7, it's bath and shower time, and brush teeth. At 8:30 PM, it's story time or free time.  On Tuesdays, story time is with dad, where Syeed reads a story aloud to the kids.  Once it's story time, Syeed and I will enjoy a movie or a great conversation and just enjoy our alone time for the rest of the evening. 




So, this is our day to day. On the weekends, Syeed prepares a beautiful breakfast that we all enjoy around 11 AM. Why so late? Well, this is when everyone gets to sleep in later which mean chores are pushed back a little later than on the week days. Our kids also have weekends at their grandparents that alternate every other weekend. Whew, that's helpful. Even though our kids are some absolutely great humans, it's nice to have the house to ourselves and they get a chance to enjoy being spoiled by grandparents. Grandparents who recently purchase a beautiful home that just under 5 minutes away from our house. 

We also involve the kids in extra curricular activities such as music class, theater camp, ballet, jazz and other activities. This, in addition to family outing days, is great for the kids to engage other young humans and chat about all things kid/teen friendly. 

So, there you have it, that is how we home in our house. Early rising is one of the most important pieces of the healthy balance puzzle, for me. This is probably the absolute best schedule that we've established since doing this for the past ten years and we, as I mentioned earlier, recently established this schedule. My best advice is, it's perfectly fine to be inspired by another's work/life balance, but definitely make sure that it works for you and your family. Or, feel free to tweak that inspiration so that it works for you. Don't forget date nights (if married or in a relationship) and don't forget self time. This is extremely important. Take yourself to lunch, to the spa, to the museum, to a coffee house to read a book, on a hike, catch up with friends, enjoy a soothing bath, just don't forget You! And, some days, there may be changes to your schedule, don't fret, go with the flow and don't forget, there's always tomorrow to wake and get right back on schedule. 

7 Tips to Promote Healthy Hair Growth and Length Retention

By Dominique Harris
on August 27, 2021
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We have all had some moments on our natural hair journey where we felt our hair hit a complete halt. After pondering what could possibly be the reason, I mean we have literally tried every trick and method, we then begin to research, take some time to truly get to know our hair and what actually works for our hair. I returned to natural in 2010 and below I am sharing some tips that truly helped me achieve healthy hair, encourage healthy hair growth and maintain that growth throughout my natural hair journey.



1. Pre Poo

PrePooing is a beneficial step that is done before shampoo cleansing the hair. It allows the hair to retain more conditioner, it helps prevent swelling of the hair and it minimizes the harshness of shampooing and helps rid the hair of shed hairs accumulated throughout the days and weeks. (keep in mind, normal hair will shed between 100-150 hairs per day.  Be sure to pay attention to how your hair feels after pre pooing, shampooing, deep conditioning, applying your leave in and finally sealing in the moisture. Check out my Pre Poo method here.


2. Work In Sections

If I have learned anything that has been helpful throughout my natural hair journey, it has been working in sections. If you're like me and have very thick hair, working in sections is literally a life savor. I wash my hair in sections. I moisturize in sections. I detangle in sections. I trim my hair in sections. I style my hair in sections. Working in sections helps minimize the overwhelming feeling of tangled hair. It also allows time to properly and thoroughly moisturize the hair. 

3. Trim Your Ends

Ahh, I know that it can be a scary task when it comes to trimming your hair. And, let's not forget the flash backs of 'getting a trim' in the salon that ended up being a brand new unasked for hair cut. Breath, Relax, it's truly not that scary. And, if you feel as though you are not comfortable trimming your own hair, head to a salon with a stylist who is familiar with all things natural hair. Because each person's hair and hair care are different, knowing when to trim your natural hair boils down to understanding your hair. Our ends are the oldest part of the hair, it is also the part of the hair that experiences the most friction, such as: rubbing against clothes and furniture. Be sure that you are moisturizing your ends, in fact, pay extra attention to your ends. If you are noticing frequent fairy knots and stunted growth, it may be time for a trim. Check out my method of how I trim my natural hair HERE or, please visit a salon for professional hair maintenance. 

4. Moisturizing Properly

One of the most important healthy hair care tips that I have learned is how to properly moisturize my hair. Because many of the products that we use in our natural hair routine are water based, it is extremely important to understand how moisturizing works. To properly moisturize the hair, first apply a water based product. Working in sections, I first apply my Leave In, ACV Mist or Rose + Hibiscus Toner to dampen my hair. Once my hair is hydrated, I apply my Locs + Tress Oil or Hair + Body Butter to trap/lock/seal the moisture in, preventing that moisture from escaping. Be sure to shampoo regularly as heavy oils and butters can cause buildup which aids in preventing hair from being properly moisturized. 

5. Detangle Slowly, Carefully and Thoroughly

When it comes to detangling the hair, it's best to remember that hair is most fragile when its wet. This is different, however, when detangling under warm running water. This can, however, waste water and encourage more shed hair down the drain. What I have found helpful is to first finger detangle the hair. My hands can feel tangles that a combing tool cannot. I take time to untangle tough tangles of hair. After finger detangling, I then use my detangling brush, such as a Denman brush to further detangle. After a section is detangled, I place my hair in twists to prevent the hair from tangling again. I have found our Leave In Conditioner a life savor when it comes to detangling hair. 

6. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is an extremely important step when it comes to achieving and maintaining health hair and length retention. Shampooing can removes beneficial oils from the hair, therefore causing it to feel dry and brittle. Deep Conditioning helps to infuse the hair with needed moisture and nutrients. I love enjoying our Cupuacu and Rhassoul Deep Conditioner under the steamer. If you have low porosity hair, deep conditioning under a steamer or the use of a heat cap is beneficial for helping to lift the cuticle to infuse the hair with the nutrients from the deep conditioner. Be sure you do not skip this step, it is extremely important in a healthy hair journey. 

7. Diet, Exercise and Water Intake

As important as it is the products that we put on our hair and how we maintain our hair, what we put in our bodies is even more important. A healthy diet helps encourage and promote hair growth. Exercising helps get the blood circulating which helps encourage healthy hair growth. Be sure to get in at least 30 minutes of walking, running or calisthenics .

Are any of these helpful? Feel free to share some of your healthy hair care tips in the comments below.


13 AMAZING Restaurants in Chattanooga

By Dominique Harris
on August 19, 2021
With 1 comments



 photo Easy Bistro

Chattanooga, beautiful Chattanooga. Voted "Best Town Ever" TWICE by Outside Magazine, this 'Scenic City' holds its own when it comes to a plethora of beautiful outdoor adventures, family friendly fun  and an amazingly eclectic palette of food options. It's a perfect place to plan a romantic getaway with a stay at The Edwin Hotel or for a more charming stay, enjoy the Bluff View Inn . A great place to spend a weekend or 7 day stay with your family, or even a ladies or guys' weekend enjoying a plethora of adventures. 

Being a local, born and raised, I've had a love for the food scene in Chattanooga. From down home hole in the walls to the eclectic and upscale, Chattanooga's restaurant scene has something that's sure to appease even the pickiest of taste buds. Below, I'm diving into some of my absolute favorite restaurants in Chattanooga. I will include the good and the bad (if any applies) and list if they are family friendly and which has worthy outdoor dining options. So, grab your tea, coffee or elixir and let's check out some good eats.


1. Proof Incubator and Bar $$

422 E ML King Blvd

Chattanooga, TN 37403

photo Proof Incubator & Bar

With an artsy eclectic atmosphere filled with paintings from local artists, exposed brick and comfortable cushy seating, Proof's offers some of the best blended flavors that beautifully graces the curated ceramic dishes from the extremely talented, Chef Kenyatta of Neutral Ground (winner of Food Network's Chopped) . Proof is a cocktail bar and test kitchen featuring up and coming concepts from a community of talented chefs. 

The Good:

  • Outdoor Seating
  • Family Friendly
  • Beautiful Atmosphere
  • Live Music on Thursdays with Frank Bumpass
  • Delicious Food
  • Amazing Cocktails
  • Local Brands included


The Not So Good:


My "Try This" recommendations: The Crispy Oyster Mushroom PoBoy , West African Red Red





2. Rosecomb Bar $$

921 Barton Ave

Chattanooga, TN 37405


Located in Chattanooga's Northshore in the Riverview neighborhood, Rosecomb is an incredibly swanky neighborhood pub located inside of a 1920s cottage. The décor boasts of a mixture of modern details and beautiful vintage finds. The beautiful moody walls are filled with vintage photos of both the owners' families. With a limited menu, the food is absolutely incredible. You can enjoy a meal at one of their cleverly placed tables, at the bar, outside on the lawn or if hosting a larger party, at their one an only handcrafted wood laden booth. This swanky pub is 21+ at all times, so save this for a wonderful date night or adult friends night out.

The Good:

  • Incredible Food
  • Beautiful Décor
  • Wonderful service
  • Delicious handcrafted cocktails
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Late Night Hours
  • Great Brunch


The Bad:


My "Try This" Recommendations: Deviled Eggs, Catfish + Grits, Grilled Cornbread


3. Easy Bistro $$$

801 Chestnut Street

Chattanooga, TN 37402



Located in the West Village district, Easy Bistro, with its chill French bistro vibes and open concept, is hands down one of my favorite indulgences to dine and sip. We love the feeling of the warm greeting similar to the friendly welcome when Norm Peterson enters the bar on "Cheers" .  With the powerhouse couple, Chef Erik Niel creating incredible food pairings and his wife, Amanda Niel with her impeccable eye for décor, this beautiful bistro puts an incredible spin on Southern dining. This powerhouse duo also own another delicious dining spot that I will be sharing next, Main Street Meats. Good food and great service, 'sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name'.

The Good:

  • Beautiful décor
  • Delicious Food
  • Great Music
  • Family Friendly
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Local Artist featured
  • Plenty of Seating
  • Great service
  • Great Oyster Hour (4-5, buy one get one oysters)


The Bad:


My "try this" recommendations: Oysters, Steak Frites, Steak Fries, Mushrooms



4. Main Street Meats $$

217 E Main St

Chattanooga, TN 37408

 What's better than visit a local butcher shop with the best burger in town, oh and while you're at it, enjoy a handcrafted cocktail or two. Main Street Meats is another town fav by the talented chef Erik Niel and his wife Amanda. Hands down, it is the best burger that I've ever had, leaving you with the question ''what just happened' on that first bite. This hip butcher has been featured in a plethora of great magazines such as Food & Wine  and Food Network to name a few. Be sure to stop in and don't forget your premium cut lamp chops on the way out. 

The Good:

  • Incredible burger
  • Delicious cocktails
  • extensive whiskey list (over 260)
  • Family Friendly
  • Outdoor Seating


The Not So Good:


My 'Try This" recommendation: Burger, Fries, Steak Frites


5. Uncle Larry's $

736 E ML King Blvd

Chattanooga, TN 37403

Uncle Larry's is a MUST stop by eatery when visiting Chattanooga. Of all of the fish fries that I've had the pleasure of attending, Uncle Larry's definitely takes top spot. Due to the extremely high demand, Uncle Larry's opened two additional locations. Yes, it's that good! I honestly don't think that I've had a more perfectly fried fillet of fish, hush puppies or fries. 

The Good: 

  • Excellent Food
  • Charming Atmosphere
  • Family Friendly
  • Delicious Desserts


The Not So Good:


My "Try This" Recommendations: Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried fish plate, cheesecake, banana pudding

6. Opa $

 249 River St

Chattanooga, TN 37405

Opa is a charming restaurant that gives you a wonderful taste of Greece without a passport. The owner offers a very specific and limited food selection with a three course meal prepared by the owner. There is even a vegan option, so non meat eaters can enjoy the incredible flavors of the three course meal. The décor is super cute and cozy with a definite air of being on a Grecian island. The restaurant fills up extremely quickly, though there is a cute outdoor seating area and with limited hours (Friday - Saturday 6PM - 9 PM), it's best to be right at the door a few minutes before opening. 

The Good:

  • Incredible Food
  • Quaint and Charming Décor
  • Friendly owner
  • Family Friendly
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Good amount of food

The Not So Good:

  • Limited Hours

My 'Try This" Recommendations: well, since the menu is very specific and has one starter, entrée and desert, I say enjoy every single thing!

7. Lil Mama's Chicago Style Hoagy $

818 Georgia Ave Ste 114

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Stepping into Lil Mama's eatery is like a flashback to 90s "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". With incredible graffiti, themed décor with dining tables decorated with popular Chicago natives and a classic black and white floor, this place is all the vibey nostalgia with a modern twist! When visiting you MUST take a photo in the art deco chair. The owner, Tiffany, being from Chicago, is always looking for a way to incorporate a piece of home in Chattanooga and she definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. I highly recommend stopping in for some delicious eats.

The Good:

  • Hands Down delicious food
  • On theme nostalgic 90s décor
  • Great service
  • Family Friendly
  • Fantastic deserts

The Not So Good:

  • none

My ''Try This" Recommendations: Any hoagie, banana pudding

8. Calliope $$

313 McFarland Ave

Rossville, GA

Located inside of Flor De Mel, Calliope is a place where Chef Khaled Albanna brings flavors from his childhood in Amman, Jordan to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Khaled’s southern influences combined with his unique levantine cooking style delivers the best of both worlds. The dishes are more tapas sized and gives the diner a chance to taste various dishes that are all incredible.

The Good:

  • Excellent Food
  • Beautiful Décor
  • Unique Experience
  • Romantic

The Not So Good:

  • None

My "Try This" Recommendations: Mead Flight, Whipped Feta,  Steamed Mussels, Coal Fired Chicken Wings, Coulotte Steak


9. Syrup and Eggs $$

107 Custom St

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Syrup and Eggs, located in the back end of the Dwell Hotel, is a vibrant, yet cozy eatery offering delicious brunch items with an amazing blend of flavors. Definitely not your ordinary breakfast or lunch spot, it offers fun stacks of pancakes loaded with various optional toppings, lots of eggs, veggies, sandwiches and a full bar. Enjoy the your eats viewing the beautiful décor at a booth inside or outside on their adorable patio. 

The Good:

  • Incredible Food
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Beautiful Décor
  • Unique Flavors
  • Delicious Cocktails
  • Family Friendly

The Not So Good:

  • Long Wait Times (get there early)

My "Must Try"Rcommendations: Veggie Burger, Falafel, Definitely the Pancakes




10. Giardino $$

2503 Westside Dr

Chattanooga, TN 37404

Giardino is an amazing small neighborhood pasteria. Nestled away in the historic Missionary Ridge area, rught across from Kings Lodge, it is a wonderful treat of delicious eats and great mountain views. It is hands down the best Italian eatery in Chattanooga with proteins and produce sourced from local farms.

The Good:

  • Incredible Food
  • Family Friendly
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Happy Hour (4-6)
  • Sourced locally

The Not So Good:

  • none

My "Try This "Recommendations: Calamari, Chicken Picata, Chicken Parmesan



11. Alleia $$$

25 E Main Street

Chattanooga, TN 37408




Situated in Chattanooga's rejuvenated southside neighborhood, Alleia sources local ingredients to create some of the most delicious dishes. With its rustic yet upscale vibes, Alleia incorporated 300 year old wood from the Harrington building where it resides, giving a sexy vibe, perfect for a romantic date night. The beauty of their menu is that chef Linley creates delicious eats seasonally, so you have the pleasure of tasting various creations each time you visit. Reservations recommended

The Good:

  • Impeccable service
  • Delicious Food
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Family Friendly
  • Wonderful craft cocktails
  • Beautiful Decor


The Not So Good:

  • none

My "Try This"Recommendation: Brick Oven Pizza, Steamed mussels, Halibut, New York Strip


12. Blue Orleans $

1463 Market St

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Blue Orleans was established in 2007 by Chef Mike Adams from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Serving up some of the most incredible traditional Creole and Cajun dishes, Blue Orleans is a must try for food lovers who want true New Orleans dishes using the freshest ingredients. Chef Mike wants every bite and every detail of the restaurant to bring you straight to The Big Easy.

The Good:

  • Delicious food
  • Family Friendly
  • Quaint Décor
  • Full Bar


The Not So Good

  • none


My "Try This"Recommendations: Crawfish Etoufe, Gumbo, Fried Gator Bites



13. St. Johns Meeting Place $$

1274 Market St

Chattanooga, TN 37402

With its beautifully bright red exterior, St. John's Meeting Place is a perfect bistro to enjoy elevated bar food, sharing a space with it's big brother restaurant, St. Johns.. Stop in on a Thursday for live jazz, $5 Sazerac and French 75s all night long. The food is delicious and well prepared that makes this modern bistro a perfect place to unwind after work, for date night or with friends. 

The Good:

  • Delicious seasonal food
  • Incredible cocktails
  • Beautiful atmosphere
  • Great service
  • Live music (Thursdays)
  • Family Friendly (try their spaghetti night)

The Not So Good:

  • none

My "Try This" Recommendations: Burger, Roasted Chicken Breast, Trout, Smoked Tofu



My 7 Must Haves For Hosting Overnight Guests

By Dominique Harris
on August 01, 2021
With 1 comments

With many people slowly starting to travel and host friends and family, and with my love of entertaining and hosting guests, I have rounded up seven of my Must-Haves for hosting overnight guests.


Comfy Bedding:

Let's be honest, when we travel to hotels or stay overnight with friends or family, comfy bedding is a super important enhancement to our stay. This can be offered on a budget. We love this comfy organic cotton  striped sheet set . It's versatile and can be paired with a cozy quilt, blanket or down comforter. I love to have two to three sets of sheets for guests.  Comfy pillows are also very important for the sleep quality of guests.  I love these Pillows so much.

Air Mattress:

Don't have a designated guest room available? Pullout sofa on back order? Well, creating a space and using an air mattress can be gold! Air mattresses now days can be super luxe and with comfy bedding, it can be a dream for your guests. Can I just say how comfy this air mattress is!!! Each time we've used it in our downstairs media room (two of our bedrooms are used for our studio spaces), our guests RAVE about how comfortable their sleep was. So much so, we've recommended this particular air mattress to a few of our guests. 

Snacks and Water:

There's nothing worse than your guest having a late night thirst or snack craving and feeling shy about rummaging through your fridge for something to eat or drink. I love to head to World Market, Fresh Market or the likes to grab some delicious snacks and boxed water. Some mixed nuts , chips or gourmet chocolate does the trick every time. 


I love filling a basket with sample sized items such as: toothpaste, makeup remover wipes, lotion, soap, throw away toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner (hotel stays provide great sample sized shampoo, conditioner and lotion, or grab some sample sizes of our goodies), extra toilet paper, napkins and lip balms. This way, if they forget an item, the toiletries basket should have them covered.

House Slippers:

If you're a 'shoe free'' household like we are, having a pair of slippers or socks for guests is priceless. There are plenty of options for inexpensive slippers for guests to enjoy and keep their feet nice and cozy. I love to order the x-large which is comfy for both men and women. 

Towels and Wash Cloth

I love to have a stack of fresh white towels, neatly rolled, with accompanying wash cloth for my guests. I place them on the bed so they are easy to see for my guests. 

Luggage Rack with Laundry Bag

There is nothing more that will come in handy for your guests than a luggage rack and laundry bag. A simple folding luggage rack is perfect and can easily be put away when not entertaining overnight guests. The laundry bag can be stored in your laundry room, so be sure to choose a color that coordinates with your laundry room. 


We keep linens, towels and blankets that we use for our overnight guests in nice large storage bags. I love to fill a cotton satchel with organic lavender buds and a few drops of lavender essential oil and toss them in with the sheets, blankets and towels. They smell amazing when I take them out and use them in our guest space. Also, if you haven't done this earlier, be sure to have your wifi information written down for your guest. A nice night light is also helpful to place in the guest bathroom and sleeping area. 

7 Steps To Minimize Single Strand Knots

By Dominique Harris
on June 09, 2021
With 0 comments

With so many curly hair routines, products and methods, being a coily, curly or kinky haired beauty can take some getting used to, with its fair share of frustrations. One of those frustrations are those tiny coiled tangles, known as fairy knots or single strand knots, that can be absolutely burdensome. To be so small, those tiny tangles can wreak havoc on coily, curly and kinky hair. 


Fairy Knots or Single Strand Knots are single strands of hair that wrap around and intertwine within themselves creating bigger knots. This is an extremely common occurrence in coily, curly and kinky hair types. Throughout my natural hair journey, I have experienced my fair share of single strand knots and wanted to share some tips that I found helpful for minimizing and many times, preventing them.


Hair sheds every single day. We normally shed anywhere between 75 to 150 hairs per day. With straight hair, shed hair glides away easily because there is no resistance to prevent this such as with the curves and bends of curly or coily hair. Single Strand Knots tend to occur in coily, curly and kinky hair because the follicle is oval shaped, causing the hair to grow out of the scalp in a twisting, coily state.

Single strand knots can be caused by a few things:

Manipulation during shampooing. When shampooing, the cuticles tend to lift, causing strands to intertwine with other strands of hair or onto themselves, which causes the micro knots.

Friction from hair rubbing against clothing or uncovered hair from pillows.


Pre Poo:

If you've read my previous blog post regarding Pre Pooing, you may remember just how important a step this is. During Pre Pooing, detangling of the hair occurs prior to shampooing. It's a great practice to place hair in sections while Pre Pooing and detangling. During this process of detangling, wet brushes are best as hard bristle brushes such as Denman brushes can rip the knots and tear the hair causing breakage. Taking your time, be very gentle when detangling. Detangling In Sections is one of the most gentle ways to loosen and remove single strand knots to minimize breakage is by detangling in the shower or detangling under running water with conditioner, like our Leave In Conditioner, on the hair, while the hair is in sections. Placing the hair in sections minimizes retangling. 

Shampoo the hair while in sections (placing in twists or braids is best):

Once the conditioner is rinsed away, working one section at a time, gently focus on shampooing the scalp, unravel the twisted or braided section and allow the shampoo to rinse away. Retwist or rebraid section. TIP: Be sure to stretch ends with your fingers to encourage the strands to move all in the same direction in a smoothing motion. When detangling, using your fingers is the most gentle and helps minimize breakage. 

Deep Condition:

Moisture is an extremely important factor for all hair types. It is especially important for minimizing fairy knots or single strand knots. Regular deep conditioning (preferably once a week or at least after each shampooing) helps strengthen the hair and improve the elasticity. Deep Conditioners with organic ingredients such as plant based oils like our Cupuacu + Rhassoul Deep Conditioner, help to keep the hair lubricated as well as improving the overall strength and health of the hair. 


Be sure to moisturize the hair with a great natural product like our Leave In Conditioner or ACV Hair + Scalp Mist. Because conditioners and most moisturizers are water based, be sure to apply an oil or butter to lock/seal/trap in the moisture. TIP: Just as mentioned before, it is best to moisturize  and seal the hair while in twisted or braided sections.

Stretching The Hair:

One of the most effective ways that I've found that helps minimize single strand knots is to twist or braid the hair after applying a leave in, cream or spray and then sealing in the moisture with a butter or oil prior to twisting or braiding. These are hair styles that help stretch the hair as well as keep it protected. There are other methods of stretching such as the 'banding method' or applying low temperature heat to stretch the hair, but I've always love the simplicity of applying twists or braids. but all methods work to help minimize knots.

Protect At Night:

Since the friction from the fabric in cotton pillow cases can cause the hair to tangle, it is extremely important to protect the hair by covering it with a satin bonnet or at least a satin pillowcase. 

Trim Hair Regularly:

If you are confident to trim your own hair, by all means, go for it with care. As part of the lifestyle of hair, naturally our hair's ends will become frayed. They are the oldest part of the hair and are the most exposed to rubbing against the clothing that we wear. The friction that our ends suffer can cause breakage which leads to losing length. Trims are an extremely important step in the healthy hair care process. To view how I trimmed my ends, check out this post. Now, if you do not feel confident trimming yourself, I highly recommend visiting a stylist that is experienced with natural hair. 

Product Spotlight: ACV Hair + Scalp Mist

By Dominique Harris
on January 15, 2021
With 0 comments


Taking a moment to spotlight one of most popular elixers and that is our ACV Hair + Scalp Mist. It is a beautifully nutritious and wonderfully aromatic mist that helps soothe itchy and dry scalp as well as aid in removing product buildup from the hair and scalp. We thoughtfully selected specific ingredients that help soothe and aid in healing scalp conditions.

Before we talk about how to use this amazing mist, let's focus on the benefits of the ingredients inside:



Known for being a deeply healing ingredient, due to the anti inflammatory properties (linoleic acid) as well as its antioxidants (carotenoids and flavonoids and),  Calendula is often used to hydrate dry scalp, remove dandruff, and improve the overall condition of the scalp. This is all due to its antimicrobial and antiviral components. Calendula is also found in our Leave In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Styling Creme, CALM Body Oil, Hair + Scalp Treatment, Citrus + Rose Body Scrub, Coffee + Cacao Lavender Chai Body Scrub, Cacao Clay CleanseSpiced Aftershave, Lip Balm, Rosehip Facial Serum, Rose + Hibiscus Toner Mist , Fields of Glory Herbal Steam Blend, Farmer's Daughter Herbal Steam Blend





Brahmi creates a natural protective layer around the hair follicles that keeps the hair fibers healthy, reduces the possibility of split ends. Brahmi also keeps the scalp cool and makes it a better place for the hair follicles to thrive. Brahmi helps provide strength and nourishment through the scalp, strengthening the blood vessels; thus, oxygen and nutrients stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. The alkaloids in Brahmi bind to the proteins in the hair shaft producing stronger and thicker hair. Brahmi is also used in our Leave In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Styling Creme , Hair + Scalp Treatment and Kijani Mask




The naturally occurring amino acids (keratin) in Hibiscus does an amazing job of providing nutrients to the hair, aiding the hair in promoting healthy hair growth. Hibiscus contains high amounts of mucilage which helps act as a conditioner for the hair. Due to its astringent properties, hibiscus helps with maintaining the pH balance of the hair, minimizes oil secretion  and provides a cooling effect. You can also find Hibiscus in our Leave In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Hair + Scalp Treatment, Styling Creme, Rose + Hibiscus Toner Mist and Rajati Enzyme Mask.



Used in Ayurveda, Nettle is one of the oldest treatments for combating hair loss. Being rich in sulfur and silica, Nettle helps in combating hair loss as well as  helps in hair re-growth. Nettle is rich in anti oxidants as well as helps with blood circulation so that roots get a healthy supply of nutrients and oxygen. Due to its anti inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent nature, it can help get rid of oily scalp, dandruff, and reduce irritation and itchiness. You can find Nettle in our: Leave In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Styling Creme, Hair + Scalp Treatment. Spiced Aftershave 



Is known for its calming and soothing properties. Due to its anti microbial  and anti septic properties (linalool), lavender is amazing for use in treating scalp conditions such as dandruff. The anti bacterial properties in lavender are known to stimulate cells. You can find lavender in our Leave In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Hair + Scalp Treatment, Hair + Body Butter, Farmer's Daughter Herbal Steam Blend, Bohemian Forest Herbal Steam, Pink Himalayan Bath Salts, Rose + Hibiscus Toner, Rosehip Facial Serum, Kijani Beauty Balm, Spiced Aftershave, CALM Body Oil, Tooth Powder , Styling Creme and Coffee + Cacao Lavender Chai Body Scrub



has amazing antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Neem contains several fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid) that help revitalize and restore dry, damaged, undernourished and rough brittle hair. Neem has wonderful antifungal properties that help fight yeast and fungi that cause dandruff, such as Candida and Malassezia.You can also find Neem in our: Leave In Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Styling Creme, Hair + Scalp Treatment, Spiced Aftershave and Kijani Enzyme Mask



helps with balancing the pH balance (acidity and alkalinity) of hair, which helps achieve and maintain healthy hair. Hair that looks frizzy, lifeless or dull is usually due to the pH level being too alkaline (usually cleansers/shampoos have a higher alkaline pH). ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), helps to restore the balance of the hair's pH, causing it to look and feel healthier, shinier and less frizzy. ACV also helps to balance the bacteria and fungi on the scalp and hair that causes itchiness and dryness.  It also helps wash away buildup from hard water as well as buildup from hair care products due to its acidic nature, which also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. You can find Apple Cider Vinegar in our: Leave In Conditioner, Styling Cream, Deep Conditioner and Cacao Clay Cleanse.


Our ACV Mist, with its wonderful ingredients, can be enjoyed a few ways.

  • Use it as a pre cleanse (pre poo) to help with loosening and ridding the scalp and hair of buildup. When your hair feels that it is loaded with minerals and other ingredient buildup, simply spray the scalp and hair with the Mist and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse and follow up with your Shampoo as usual.


  • Use it in between cleansing to help keep the scalp and hair cleaner. After a workout or if you shampoo days apart, our ACV Hair + Scalp Mist is wonderful for those days in between cleansing your hair. Simply spray the Mist onto the scalp and hair and leave it on. 


  • Use it after shampooing to help balance the pH by helping to close the cuticle on the hair follicle. When the cuticle is lifted (usually due to shampooing which has a higher alkaline pH) it can create frizziness in the hair. Spraying our ACV Hair + Scalp Mist can help close the cuticle minimizing the effects of frizz. After shampooing and conditioning, simply spray the Mist onto the hair and scalp. Dry and style as usual. 

COVID 19 UPDATE and Our Products

By Dominique Harris
on April 15, 2020
With 17 comments

Whew, it's been such a ride navigating life with our current pandemic happening. First, I want to wish everyone safety and great health. I hope your families and friends are safe and finding some peace in the midst of this situation. 

So we have some updates that have effected product containers and some of our raw ingredients. Due to a shortage of many raw ingredients that we use for our products, there is a beautiful light at the end of this tunnel. Many of you will receive your products and notice a slight change in appearance. The products will have a rich light mustard hue due to one of our most precious raw ingredients, our unrefined shea butter. Due to the scarcity and expense to get true yellow shea butter, we normally use the unrefined white shea butter. True yellow shea butter gets its beautiful light mustard color from using the bark of the Borututu Tree during the milling process. The smell should be the exact same, nutty clay-like and the texture should be extremely smooth and melt instantly. It holds the same benefits as the unrefined white, just more expensive due to the additional step in the milling process. Our supplier, who ran lower on stock than we needed on for our traditional unrefined white, graciously sent the unrefined yellow at the same price so that we did not have to raise our prices in our products (the beauty of a years-long good business relationship). So, we will be using this until we run out and then return to our traditional unrefined white.

Current Product Look

Our next update is regarding the difficulty that our vendors (some of the largest glass bottle resources) are having obtaining and maintaining stock of our normal 8oz Amber Glass Bottles. We had a few vendors with a few bottles, however, the price was 3x as much and we didn't want that to affect our pricing. Because of this, we are filling 8oz Clear Glass Bottles with our products for our 8oz sizes until we can secure more bottles. We will also continue accepting orders, in limited stock as long as we can secure bottles and high-quality raw ingredients. Take a look below at our packaging update (please note: our 8oz Amber bottle inventory is pretty much depleted, so you will receive more of the products in 8oz sizes in the clear glass bottles)

Packaging Update: 

Thank You!

I must say, we have the best customers as you all have been wonderfully supportive and totally compassionate and understanding regarding the updates. For any further updates, please view our Instagram story highlight for more pics and as always. Again, wishing you all peace, comfort and great health.

Restock Friday! Don't forget, we restock each Friday at 10 AM EST. Due to the extremely high demand, we typically sell out of many hair care items by the weekend's end. Should we sell out, please feel free to support our Stockist or rest assured that we will be stocked once again the following Friday. As per the information in the Covid 19 update photo, we are now shipping two days per week, those days are Tuesdays and Fridays after the 3-5 processing time (usually sooner). Again, wishing you all peace, comfort and great health. And for anyone who has been affected, our family will be praying for your restoration and health.

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